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The Way of the Game: We Just Watched a Movie – Charade

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Rumors of our podfade have been greatly exaggerated!  Apologies for the long delay.  Between business trips, Gen Con prep, Gen Con itself, post-Gen Con malaise, the site being down, Jonathan’s anniversary, etc., it’s been a rough couple of months.  But we’re back!

Charade this week.  Olympia next week.  As always, follow along on our iCheckMovies list, and be sure to let us know how you’d rank the movies in the comments below.  You’ll also find our ranked lists on iCheckMovies: Jonathan’s, Michael’s, and Nathaniel’s.


Charade – December 5, 1963

Director: Stanley Donen
Producer: Stanley Donen
Writers: Peter Stone
Actors: Cary Grant, Audrey Hepburn, Walter Matthau, James Coburn
Studio: Stanley Donen Productions
Distributor: Universal Pictures

The course of the conversation:

Is 1960’s sexism more tolerable than modern sexism?

Jonathan hates Scott Pilgrim.

As with most things, the more training you have, the more obvious certain things are.

Audrey Hepburn proves herself to be funny, convincing, and all-around great.

Carey Grant is much more hit or miss.

Is this an honest representation of 1963 perceptions, or just 1963 media?

Jonathan and Michael do eventually get down from the ivory tower.

Walter Matthau is, as always, incredible.

The funeral scene is awesome.

Michael compares Charade to Bud Light and McDonalds.

Jonathan feels Charade could have been truly glorious, but falls just shy.

Nathaniel compares Charade to candy bars.

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Zero Fortitude: Moon Knight No 7

Source: Zero Fortitude

MK7This is the first issue of Moon Knight under the new creative team.

When I was standing at the comic store looking at the book, I had a hard time picking it up. I had really enjoyed the run up until this point and knew that there would be a new direction starting with this issue. In previous incarnations of Moon Knight, this is where the book would go off the rails and I would jump off. Not long after, the book would be canceled.

I didn’t want the book to be canceled so I tucked my doubts away in the back of my mind and picked up the book.

I was pleasantly surprised!

Brian wood and Greg Smallwood didn’t discard what has gone before. Instead, they have picked up the threads woven into the various one and done stories and have begun a story line that is intriguing. The story  begins with an operative running through the streets of the city at night. While he runs and adjusts the technology in his suit, we are given a radio news report about the leader of Akima, a small war-torn African nation. General Lor is on his way to address the United Nations. The operative is on his way to assassinate General Lor. Once again, attacking a travel in the night, even a possible villain is not something you do in the city under the protection of Moon Knight. We are treated once again to our here dressed for a night on the town as opposed to a super suit. He intercepts the operative but not in time to stop him from disabling the motorcade. In order to catch his pray, the operative deploys an emp that renders New York powerless and stalk the general through the darkened streets. Moon Knight does not give up the chase, but assists those in need on his path. In the end, he is able to prevent the assassination. The twist at the end is who is person that put out the hit.

I won’t spoil it, but you will be surprised.

The art on this issue is solid. Smallwood handles action well. This is a story that takes place in the rain at night. I was able to follow the action with no difficulty. His style has strong lines that still convey a grittiness that goes well with the story. I do like how Moon Knight is a bright beacon whenever he is on the page. It provides a nice highlight to him being the hero while showing that he is still a flawed hero that has a different view on heroism than the rest of us.

My one quibble with this issue is the lack of any standout panels or pages. In every issue prior, there was a panel or an entire page where the art just demanded a much longer look. In this issue, the art is good, but there was nothing that made me stop and just want to spend some time with it. There is nothing wrong with this especially since it fits with a longer story arc. The art drives you forward to see where the story is going whereas before, the art made the story appear to last longer as you took the time to appreciate it.

I am looking forward to seeing where this story goes and see how Moon Knight evolves with this new creative team.

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Back Seat Producers: BSP Episode 330: Boogie Nights

Source: Back Seat Producers

Show notes to follow.


Sausagefest, yo, Sausagefest.

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Ideology of Madness: Reign of Ironclaw: An Explosive Evening!

Source: Ideology of Madness

Our exploration of the Age of Ironclaw continues!  The noble houses of the United Tribes and the Aquian Empire are to be joined in marriage.  The great powers of the

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Zero Fortitude: Catan World Championship set for Berlin October 11-14‏

Source: Zero Fortitude


From October 11th to 14th the greatest Catan players in the world will gather in the heart of Berlin. Including 2012’s Catan World champion, the 2013 European champion, the 2013 North American champion and the representatives of 33 countries. Soon these contestants will compete to determine who is the best of the best and deserves the crown of Catan World Champion.   

The CATAN WC takes place every two years, either in Germany or in the USA. This year, Berlin was chosen as the host city. The 2014 international event will be organized and carried out by KOSMOS GmbH, the German language publisher of “Catan” since its first release in 1995.

Klaus Teuber’s worldwide hit “The Settlers of Catan” and its expansions have sold over 20 million units and have been translated into more than 30 languages. In addition to the classic Catan board game, Catan expansions, and Catan special edition product, players may enjoy still more Catan fun with Catan card games, dice games and computer games or apps.

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Back Seat Producers: Back Seat Box Office 203

Source: Back Seat Producers

Congrats to Cougron for the perfect score and enjoy the episode.

Donate to Sausagefest!

Help Support Lilly’s Pediatric Cancer Treatment

Lilly and her family need your help (Brittney’s video)


1. A Dolphin Tale 2
2. No Good Deed
3. Guardians of the Box Office
4. Let’s be Cops
5. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

1. A Dolphin Tale 2
2. Guardians of the Galaxy
3. No Good Deed
4. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
5. Let’s Be Cops

Art’s House
Jeff: The Skeleton Twins
Art: The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby

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Back Seat Producers: Back Seat Book Club – Book Twenty-Four: American Psycho

Source: Back Seat Producers

Author: Bret Easton Ellis

Published: 1991

Random House

Plot Summary - Patrick Bateman is handsome, well educated, intelligent. He works by day on Wall Street earning a fortune to complement the one he was born with. His nights he spends in ways we cannot begin to fathom. He is twenty-six years old and living his own American Dream.

Quick Thoughts:

  • White People Problems.
  • Everybody Got AIDS an’ Shit.
  • It’s all a metaphor for society.
  • Name Dropping.
  • No characters, barely.
  • Scott Writes a better sequel.
  • Dick Measuring by proxy stereos.
  • 80′s nostalgia that’s still relevant and applicable. for once.
  • not picky enough about the murdering and cannibalism.

Recorded: 07/28/14

“All it comes down to is this: I feel like shit but look great.” 

Next Time: Seconds by Brian Lee O’Malley

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The Jank Cast: Actual Play: Dream Askew, Part I

Source: The Jank Cast

Players: Dana, Dylan, Joe, Megan, Todd Hey all. We’ve been a LEEEETLE slow on the new regular episodes lately due to Gencon/work/life/traveling but we’ve got some stuff in the pipeline, I promise. In the meantime, enjoy an AP of Avery … Continue reading

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Ideology of Madness: Funny Looks and Failure, Part 2…or, How The Eighties Prepared Me To Be A Dad

Source: Ideology of Madness

Click here to read part one. So, in my last post I promised to share the crazy idea that I’ve been working on for the last year. Personally, I feel

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Zero Fortitude: Oomba Broke the Record at Gen Con 2014

Source: Zero Fortitude

Oomba has set the Guinness World Record for Rock,Paper,Scissors,Lizard,Spock at Gen Con!  Guiness has officially acknowledged their record at 2,950 participants!  They are already thinking of ways to beat their record at next year’s Gen Con.  If you missed this event at Gen Con don’t worry because you will have a chance next year.  You can see their statement to the participants here.  Congratulations!



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Ideology of Madness: Funnybooks with Aron and Paulie: Back to the Funnybooks!

Source: Ideology of Madness

Funnybooks is 250 episodes old! How do we celebrate? Well…by having another awesome episode, of course! We talk about the new Doctor Who, which leads into a conversation about our

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Ideology of Madness: PHN 2014: Halloween Horror Nights 24 Media Preview Event!

Source: Ideology of Madness

It’s that time of year again when the smell of pumpkin spice lattes have permeated the air, craft breweries have generated more pumpkin type beers than our shelves can handle,

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Zero Fortitude: Direct Damage Cast Shoot Interview with Adrienne Reynolds

Source: Zero Fortitude

A shoot interview is an unscripted unedited piece of material. The term comes from wrestling where tons of things are scripted. That is what makes shoot interviews good, it’s real people not watered down and cut. So I would like to start a series of these shoot interviews and please feel free to leave me feedback.
I was lucky enough to speak with Adrienne at Gencon. We talk about her study, the Con, and staying on magic couches. Follow her @DreamtimeDrinne on Twitter.


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Ideology of Madness: PHN 2014: Universal Orlando Halloween Horror Nights Media Preview Event!

Source: Ideology of Madness

The Pauloween season is almost in full swing again, boils and ghouls! Last night, our buddy Kyle from View From The Cheap Seats attended the Media Preview Event, and we’ve

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Zero Fortitude: The Rhesus Chart

Source: Zero Fortitude

RhesusWow. It has been a long time since I’ve done a book review here on Zero Fortitude.

Time to remedy this problem.

Charles Stross is a British author who writes science fiction and modern urban fantasy. His urban fantasy is not the normal for the genre where elves, werewolves, and wizards are so thick that one can not turn around without running into one. In the Laundry Files series, Stross has crafted a world where the elder gods and such exist and higher mathematics are the magic that allows a person to tap into this bottomless well of power. Each government is aware of this as well and has a secret agency tasked with preparing for the coming apocalypse that all oracles point towards.

The Rhesus Chart brings us once again into the Life of Bob Howard, secret agent and IT specialist. Bob has been fast-tracked for management and this story opens up with Bob working on his own pet project designed to help build his skills and help the agency. The way that Stross describes the Laundry taking management tips from Google and Apple and mangling them in the execution is just hilarious and a good reflection of how government bureaucracies work. For his project, Bob is working on a data mining program to search for the impossible by using the data from the Nation Health System of the UK. The first test run is to see if the data points to the existence of something stupid like vampires. The null hypothesis is that there will nothing but the opposite proves true.

What follows is a deadly game of politics played both within the Laundry and between two vampires that have been sparing for centuries across the face of London. When the dust settles, nobody is left unscathed.

I went into this book with high expectations. Charles Stross has a way of representing what would normally be a boring meeting or session of programing and infusing it with both humor and tension that just sings. The point of attack is a program that Bob is working on as a lark as he doesn’t even have to participate in the pet project program. The comedy of errors that created this program is hilarious which makes the  tilt all the more gut-wrenching when it occurs.

The Rhesus Chart also does something unexpected in that it upsets the apple cart in a painful way without making me sling the book across the room. In this book, we get to see more of the interaction between Bob and Mo’, his wife. The way they interact when things get dark is just great. We get to watch them be a normal couple and then see them come together when the things they see have them waking up screaming for weeks on end. Stross also treats us to a glimpse of how the agency views these two’s relationship as well and it is just chilling.

Stross does an excellent job with this series in making it accessible. You can pick this book up without having read what has come before and not be lost. He drops bits and pieces throughout the narrative that let you know the past history that makes this a good story. The only thing you will miss is the connection with all the characters that walk across the boards in this book, and that would be cheating yourself out of an excellent experience.

The ending of this book made me sad, angry, and expectant all at once. I was sad because I was so vested in the relationship of Bob and Mo’ and the change at the end was so unexpected. I was angry because I just didn’t want to see what happened at the end happen. I was expectant because I hope that things can be fixed and I know that the story of how that happens will be excellent.

I know I’ve said it before but I can not recommend this series enough. The Rhesus Chart delivers another riveting story in the Laundry Files and has me on tenterhooks waiting for the next installment.

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