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Actual People, Actual Play

Back Seat Producers

We Don't Make Movies, But We'll Let You Know What Is and Isn't Working in Hollywood.

Ideology of Madness where if we geek about it, we speak about it! is a geek culture website where we focus on comics, role playing games, video games, movies, you name it. If it excites us, we talk about it. We host a number of podcasts...

Funnybooks (with Aron and Paulie) is a weekly comic book discussion show. We chat about the business of comics, new releases, experiences in the hobby and old favorites. Plus, we chat with some of the biggest names in the industry in our New Comic Book Day Interview Series!
HOSTS: Aron Head, Paul Aponte, Wayne Cole, Tim Shaw, and Jonathan Landreth

Knights of Reignsborough is a sandbox superhero role playing game series featuring both world building episodes and actual play.
HOSTS: Aron Head, Paul Aponte, Wayne Cole, Tim Shaw, and Jonathan Landreth

Cardboard Crack is a Magic: The Gathering podcast exploring strategy for the collectible card game.
HOSTS: Jonathan Landreth and John Anderson

Kore New Media Podcasts

Kore New Media offers great shows on News, Movies, (free) Music, Celebrity Interviews, Games and much more! Kore New Media is Florida's largest podcast group and the planet's third largest!

New Style

Bringing you news and interviews about the best new RPGs from up and coming game designers. We also talk about the game design community and how you can help out these great, new style RPGs

Ottawa Game Publishers Podcast

The Accidental Survivors are three geeky Canadians who drink and talk about gaming and other related topics. The podcasts generally focuses on role-playing games in the modern genre, but can move as far afield as the hosts decide. That's because it's their podcast and they are often distracted by bright, shiny objects. Or beer.

Return to Northmoor

A D&D 4e Podcast Adventure Hosted by Tim White and Kim Stone

Ruthless Diastema » Geeky & Genki

Geeky & Genki is a weekly podcast that alternates between Gamecasts and Moviecasts. On Gamecast weeks, the Geeky and Genki crew discuss game theory and advice, actual play experiences, and the latest news and events in the tabletop roleplaying scene, with a particular focus on story games. On Moviecast weeks, we discuss movies, television and other media, often, but not always with an asian connection.

Save Against Frostbite

Save Against Frostbite is a podcast where everything in the gamer subculture is discussed by easily distracted geeks.

Self-Critical Hits!

an rpg podcast of amusingly ill-informed opinions about things you probably aren't interested in

Spooky Outhouse Showcase

A cross-show psychedelic journey from your friends at the Spooky Outhouse.

Story Shtick

Edited Play of Story Games and Audio Blog on Roleplaying

The Awesome Source

The Bear Swarm! Podcast

The C-List Podcast

The C-List is a podcast that celebrates the third string characters in movies from the last 30+ years. We're not here to talk about the Batmans and James Bonds of the sliver screen, but their lesser known subservient backup dancers. Through excessive research, conspiracy theories, ludicrous accusations and conclusions, we dive into the characters that unknowingly shape and drive the movies that we love. Its solid bronze baby!

The Downunder Gamer Show

3 friend sitting around a mic, talking about games and what-not. Not to mention we're from Australia, the great brown land DownUnder.

The Iron Agenda

The Iron Agenda: a podcast about Warmachine, Hordes, and whatever else is on our minds.

The Jank Cast

The Jank Cast is a round table discussion podcast about all things in the "Geek" culture with emphesis on games of all sorts. From board games, to video games, to role playing games, we cover it all. Each week includes a review of a product of the geek culture and a topic to improve your gaming style.

The Man Cast

A raucous rant by men, for men, about the shared male experience. Not safe for work.

The Outhouse Wall

The quarterly news packet of Spooky Outhouse Productions

The Perfect Storm

The Shattered Sea D&D 4th ed. actual play podcast for the campaign setting written by Liam Gallagher

The Podge Cast

Movies, Music, Books, Games, Whatever Is On Our Minds

The Sideways Tower Podcast

The Walking Eye Podcast

Play, Review, Interview

The Way of the Game

Here at the Way of the Game podcast, we explore the ever-changing state of the video game industry, cover the relevant topics affecting and discussed by gamers around the world, and talk about a lot of games. On occasion we branch out into other kinds of games, with a focus on what's going on, what can we learn, and are we having fun along the way.

The Way of the Game Podcast: Enlightenment, one game at a time.


X-Factor: A podcast about the fantastic Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures game by Fantasy Flight.

You Can Hack It

A Podcast show about changing, modifying, or adding rules to Tabletop Pen and Paper Role Playing games. Each show also includes a segment on game reviews, role playing concepts, theory discussion, or whatever else is on our minds.

Zero Fortitude

Join Us As We Gain Fortitude Through Everything Geeky